Thursday, April 24, 2008


I haven't had much to blog about, until now...presenting, Colorfulpurls first shop update! That's right, I'm on Etsy! Right now I have just two skeins to test out Etsy. Below are pictures of the skeins along with part of the description that I gave on Etsy.

Yummy lemon yellows, juicy oranges and tart grapefruit are delicious to eat, but even better on yarn!

A close up.

Salty blue water, green seaweed, pink sea stars, purple starfish and seashells are the inspiration behind the colors of this yarn. Everything I love about the beach without sunburns! ;)
A close up.

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knitter819 said...

Well, the pictures aren't working on blogger, but I saw them on Etsy and they look great! Did you use actual fruit to do it or kool-aid?