Monday, July 30, 2007

A few days a few weeks same differance.

I know I said I would post as soon as the crazy sock roving dried. But, I did not account for the fact that I would be very busy for the next few weeks. As in "I've barely been at my computer for more then 5 minutes a week!" busy. Okay, maybe I haven't been that busy. But,when I wasn't busy I usually to tired to think. Now, brace yourself...I've hardly knitted! All I did was finish the painting scarf and worked on a shawl. That's it. Except for reknitting the straps on my tank top. Wich was hardly anything and now the moment you have been waiting for...

My crazy sock roving! It doesn't look half as crazy as when it was wet now does it? The yellows in the picture are more of a mellow green.

Hey, guess what this is!

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